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451 King Street;

True Italians love fast cars and real pizza.  The Monza experience offers both with an awesome wood-fired oven and pictures of famous cars and engine parts “decor.”  Monza is located on Upper King Street at 451 King Street; just a short walk from my hotel.  Hanging out with my friends, I got to see what all the hype is about formula one racing.  The menu offers wonderful pizza and pasta options that are named after famous racers.  I had a chance to try the Nazzaro and the Pancetta & Gnocchi.  Mamma Mia!  Both Fabulous choices.  My Foxy lady went for the lighter side and tried the Chicken Caesar and thought it was a great option.   Now that spring is approaching, don’t forget about the cute outdoor seating area in the back.  I’ll see you there…Arrivederci!

Salad Pizzas Pizza oven Monza sign


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