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At the Francis Marion Hotel, you receive a complimentary menu tasting as part of our wedding package.

When choosing the hors d’oeuvres from our list of options, most couples ask what is the most popular. There are definitely four very tasty, southern favorites I see at most events:

Fried Green Tomato Moons with Goat Cheese and Red Pepper Jelly

Mini Tomato Pie

Mini Pulled Pork BBQ Biscuit

Mini Crab Cake with a Cajun Remoulade Sauce


1 Holding a place in Charleston’s history for the past 92 years

2 A strong, durable brick building to withstand the southern weather elements

3 Having a staff that has been here many years, considering each other family

4 Thus, providing the best customer service to ensure southern hospitality

5 A prime location across from Marion Square Park, and walking distance to everything

6 Guest Rooms with great views of the Charleston skyline.

7 We include all of the chairs, tables, linen, dance floor and staging complimentary

8 Food & Beverage minimum requirements, no room rentals

9 We have tasty, award winning food and chefs

10 Our team is very flexible and customizable, warranting your individual, distinct event


We have the ability to host both your wedding ceremony in the same ballroom as the wedding dinner, for a small room rental charge.

We hold the ceremony in half of the ballroom, while a draping wall covers up the other half of the ballroom. On the hidden half, we stage your dinner tables. After the ceremony, your guests step outside of the ballroom to the cocktail hour space, while my staff transforms the ballroom to the dinner and dancing set up. After cocktail hour, your guests step into a completely different looking ballroom.

There are many benefits to doing this:

  1. You and your guests do not need to drive and park at two different venues.
  2. You can reuse the same décor, flowers and chairs for both events.
  3. Everyone and everything stays at one place in one room.

Here are examples of how we set up our three ballrooms for ceremony:


Gold Ballroom


Colonial Ballroom



Carolina Ballroom



We all know Charleston summertime heat can be draining at times. There is several fun and creative ways that I have seen past weddings incorporate cool, sweet treats!

  1. Ice Cream – We have had several weddings open an ice cream station towards the end of the evening as a late night hors d’oeuvre to cool off the dancing crowd.

Ice Cream

  1. Specialty Cocktails – It is always nice to have a custom beverage available at your bar for your friends and family to sip on throughout the night.  This sets your wedding apart by serving the couple’s favorite, memorable beverage.Drink
  1. Cool, damp wash clothes – We had one wedding offer their guests cool, damp wash clothes during prime dance time, as a nice refreshing way to keep their dancing shoes on!


  2. Popsicles – King of Pops is a local, tasty popsicle purveyor who can bring their fun, eclectic, freezer cart to your wedding reception, and help chill the guests out!


  1. Ice Sculpture Display – what a dramatic effect to have either your hors d’oeuvres displayed on an ice sculpture or have a custom ice sculpture available to view by your guests.

Ice Scuplture


In each of our three ballrooms, we have two areas where the dance floor and entertainment can be placed. There are positives to both locations.

The most popular location is in the center of the ballroom. I typically see this when the entertainment is a DJ, and when the dinner is plated. Placing the dance floor in the center makes this the focal point of the ballroom, and everyone is equal distance away from big events. When you are performing your first dance, cutting the cake, and giving toasts- everyone can see the happy couple in the middle.

dance central

Ballroom 11.22

The other dance floor location is at one end of the ballroom. I typically see this set up when the entertainment is a band, and when the dinner is station style. When you have a band, they usually require a large stage, and you do not want the stage to cut the ballroom in half, if you put them in the middle. The dinner is usually station style because it promotes the guests to move around, and there is a designated dancing area and dinner area. This is also a popular location if you feel not every guest will partake in dancing. They can sit farther away from the dance floor, and hold a conversation.

dance end