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In a 2014 study, over 50% of weddings used hashtags.

Wedding hashtags have become a fantastic way to share pictures from your engagement to your wedding day and beyond. Couples are encouraging their wedding guests to post pictures from their special day online to reminisce later!

Helpful ideas to create your wedding hashtag:

-Wedding Date

-Nicknames or Initials

-Cute phrase that friends call you as a couple

There are hashtag generators online if you need help!




Alcohol at a wedding can be just as important as food at a wedding to some clients.  With that being said, alcohol can cost just as much as the food in some cases! It is important to know that you have choices on alcoholic packages:

1. Unlimited Bar – you pay a flat price per person per hour for unlimited drinks at the bar. I usually recommend this option if your guests are heavy drinkers

2. Consumption Bar – you pay per drink consumed at the bar. This package is challenging because you can estimate the number of drinks ahead of time, however you will not know until the wedding is over, if you exceeded that estimated number or not. If the guests drink more than we estimated ahead of time, you are left with an outstanding bill. I usually recommend this package for light drinkers.

3. Corkage or Guest Provides Bar – You purchase the alcohol outside of the hotel and bring in for our staff to serve. This package is nice if you desire alcohol selections that we do not offer. This package is also ideal for light drinkers.  Lastly, an additional perk to this package is that if you do not consume all of the alcohol, many providers will let you return any un-opened bottles.

A wedding is a celebration, and with that, guests usually drink more than normal. Make sure you choose the best bar package for your guests and your budget!


When choosing the layout for your reception venue, one decision is where the bride and groom will sit.  They are usually set apart from the remaining tables, whether at a sweetheart table with just the two of them; or at a head table, including the entire bridal party.

In my experience, most couples choose to have a sweetheart table, due to the dates of their bridal party. Usually they do not want to separate the dates for the evening, or they do not have enough space to include them on the head table, so the sweetheart table seems perfect.  Choosing a sweetheart table will also give you a few moments to yourselves and soak in the day.  I also feel that it is more inviting for your guests to greet you, because they do not have to talk over a head table, or slide behind the head table.

Here are some examples of sweetheart tables and head tables at the Francis Marion Hotel:






It is common to offer wedding favors to your guests as a token of appreciation for their attendance at your wedding celebration.

Wedding favors originated from Europe centuries ago, and were named Bonbonnieres.  These were sugared candies in trinket boxes to show prosperity and royalty.  As time went on, sugar coated almonds, otherwise named Jordan Almonds, were given out as favors to represent health, prosperity, fertility, joy and longevity. The guests would receive 5 almonds each to share in the couple’s luck on their special day. Today, some couples share the traditional favor, while other’s give out personalized favors to represent their life together.

Some examples of wedding favors we have seen at the Francis Marion Hotel:

Cake Pop


Sweet Grass Rose (historical to Charleston, SC)

Sweetgrass Rose

Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Boxed Candy & Local Beer

Boxed Candy_Beer

Customized Wine Glass

Wine Glass

Wedding cakes symbolize more than just a delicious dessert served at your wedding. Wedding cakes are known to symbolize good luck, happiness and love. Throughout the years we have watched the typical wedding cake evolve! What better way to show off your new monogram then on the center of your cake.

We have also witnessed the trend of cake toppers- from the typical husband & wife statue to a cute phrase. We always are intrigued to see what our couples will chose for their cake topper and flavors!

Charleston is filled with charming, tasty bakeries. No matter what flavor, style, color, cupcake, or cake trend you decide- make sure you do not forget to pass around the champagne and enjoy a piece yourself!

Cakes by KasardaCakes by Kasarda

Ashley BakeryAshley Bakery


The Cake StandThe Cake Stand