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If you are a coffee fanatic like me then today is dedicated to you. Did you know Starbucks is located in the Francis Marion Hotel Lobby? Come stop by and order your favorite coffee. Starbucks even has their fall flavors out. Enjoy your coffee and don’t forget to tell my friends in Starbucks Sly sent you!






Hey Y’all, it’s Sly from the Francis Marion Hotel wishing everyone a Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! On this special occasion, I would recommend this delicious cookie place right next door to the Francis Marion Hotel called King Street Cookies. Just head out our King Street entrance to the right, and you will find this cookie heaven one block down. This scrumptious spot is just the place to celebrate cookie day, or any other day! They also serve ice cream & coffee if you wanted to add more to your order.


Stop by and tell them Sly sent you!




Have you ever experienced a service by the Francis Marion Hotel’s day spa – Spa Adagio? Now ladies I know you can’t deny a relaxing time at the spa. Gentlemen you can’t fool me, I know after a hard day on the golf course it’s time for some R&R. Today I was able to take time away from my busy schedule at work and even put the brakes on my social life to have a spa day. Spa Adagio offers a variety of spa packages featuring massage and esthetics!


Offering so many choices, I finally decided a stone therapy massage was for me! This made my fur feel rejuvenated, fresh and stress free. The spa therapist placed these warm stones on my back to further rid the stress. The massage table felt as if I was lying on a bed of clouds and the massage therapist was phenomenal.

After my refreshing massage, the esthetician shared her wisdom on which products will keep my skin looking fresh and rejuvenated. Spa Adagio offers a wide range of different products for guests to bring home to remind them of their relaxing time at Spa Adagio.

Visiting the spa was the perfect way to end my day. The therapists and staff were very kind and peaceful to be around. Before I left I scheduled another appointment for a salt scrub and an eyebrow wax for my girlfriend. Yes, they offer waxing too!


I am so excited that the Francis Marion Hotel will be offering brand new packages that will include taking some time for you and enjoy a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating facial. The hotel can offer breakfast in bed before you spend your day being pampered! So, when you are planning your next trip to Charleston, make sure you include time for our day spa, Spa Adagio!

After a long week making guests smile with my fuzzy personality, I decided to enjoy a few happy hour drinks with a couple of my co-workers. I have been reading on Facebook about a new restaurant called 492 King, so I decided to head over there. Of course, Charleston was having some fantastic weather, so I put on my shades and enjoyed the 5 minute walk from the Francis Marion Hotel. Upon my first impression of the restaurant’s outdoor area, with its modern southern feel and all the places to sit, I grabbed my coworkers and we were seated outside.


The indoor area was just as modern with a twist of trend, smells of fresh seafood, steak and wine filling the air. These scents got my stomach growling! After looking over the menu I noticed many specialty drinks that were unfamiliar to me. I love to try new drinks. I mean why limit happy hour to just an hour?! 492 sets itself apart from other restaurants because their chef, Nate Whiting changes the menu daily.



You will have to like their Facebook page to see the menu changes at Or you can like them on Instagram to see what plates are cooking in the kitchen. If you are visiting Charleston, try my new favorite 492 King.



It wasn’t a dark or stormy night. It wasn’t even raining that fateful night. It was just like any other ordinary night in the early 1930’s at the Francis Marion. But today…the sounds at night are eerie and unexplained, and all too familiar to the bell staff and room attendants walking the halls.


Alas, poor Ned Cohen. Found face down, body smashed in the middle of King Street facing toward the old Citadel’s parade grounds. The events leading up to his alleged suicide are not crystal clear. His presence is, though. Sounds of rustling silk drapes, rattling old windows without the wind, and an unexplained vision of what may be a man questioning either himself or the passerby. Is he asking, “…Do I have any other recourse?”
Ned’s sweet Southern belle deserted him after a long, loving weekend on an upper floor in the tallest and grandest hotel in Charleston. Only the note later found in his coat pocket revealed the reason why. “I’m sorry; my family will never understand us. Goodbye.”


They had met in New York, while she was taking a short vacation with friends. Ned never felt so enamored with a woman; and never with a Southern girl. He had to see her again, and hopefully, meet the family. He requested a sales assignment in Charleston from his employer, Florsheim Shoes. The bustling King Street shopping district and the fashionable taste of Charleston ladies convinced Ned’s supervisor to grant him his request.

Their second romantic weekend did not end well. The lady may have felt their families and backgrounds were far too different for her family’s acceptance of him, a Northerner. The South’s Civil War Reconstruction efforts were just then winding down and the divide was still fresh in her people’s minds. Whatever the reason, Ned never saw it coming. A farewell, while he slept, without even a signature. He had given her his heart and now he was left empty and alone.
Today, some see the image in shirt sleeves; others just feel it…usually around midnight. A delicate brush on the cheek or a feeling that someone is gazing upon you as you rest are not uncommon reports. Will he ever rest? We know Ned Cohen’s body is buried in Cooperstown, NY.


We here at the Francis Marion know where his spirit is.