Discover Charleston

Come discover everything that makes Charleston, SC one of the most popular tourist destinations in the southeast.

Learn More; 495 King Street

With a name like STARS, I knew I was in for a treat, but I had no idea it could tower above its title.  The food, service and atmosphere all complement each other to make for an unforgettable evening! I spent most of the evening on the rooftop bar, which offers panoramic views of Charleston, and I could even check on my fox quarters rising high above the city in the background.

“For the Table” we decided to sample some of the starter items and they were scrumptious.  Some of my favorites were the Wood-Grilled Mushroom Bruschetta, Peanut Hay-Fed Beef Mini Burgers and the Wood-Grilled Meatballs.  The Tap-Wine was a rare treat and the servers are very knowledgeable to help you find one to suit your palate.

The restaurant reminded me a lot of the Francis Marion; bringing me back to the era when jazz, cocktails, and fine dining were treasured.  It had me doing the Foxtrot all the way home.

Vintap 1 Star on Floor Menu 1 FM in background 2; 474 King Street

Welcome to another day in the life of Sly!  My life is truly extraordinary.  There is no fox alive that has it as good as I do in our lovely city.  The options to dine deliciously and in style are endless right outside the doors to my home at the Francis Marion.  Even though I must admit, it is hard to leave my luxurious and comfortable accommodations; my travels and tales must continue as I venture out to a new Hot Spot in the city.

Here is the bit about the Rarebit, located at 474 King Street, open Tuesday-Sunday (11am to 2am).

 #1 They serve Breakfast All Day!…Breakfast is absolutely my favorite meal, so any place that serves French toast all day is okay by me.

#2 The Moscow Mule, their signature drink, this tasty cocktail is served in a copper mug and the talk of the town.

#3 The early 60s to mid 60s Hollywood Diner/Club décor and atmosphere.  The design and food combinations are truly rare to the Charleston scene.

#4 Ask about the daily Blue Plate Special.  “A web collection of 1930s prose gives this definition: “A Blue Plate Special is a low-priced daily diner special: a main course with all the fixins, a daily combo, a square for two bits.”

#5 Homemade Sodas (Ginger Beer, Herbal Tonic, and Root Beer)

Next time you find yourself on Upper King Street looking for an exciting new experience.  Stop by the Rarebit and tell them Sly sent you.

Bar Deer Reading Menu Window1 Eating Burger1; 293 King Street

When someone shouts fire, don’t run away…but walk down King Street to Fire Street Food Restaurant for a delicious fresh take on Thai/Korean/Chinese cuisine.  They’re just a few blocks from the Francis Marion (lucky me!), and fast, fresh and friendly.  Catch up with friends over a large serving of Pad Thai, or your favorite Teriyaki Stir Fry with Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Tofu.  I hear the meat or shrimp grilled skewers are yummy too.  I had the Fire House Spicy Wrap with chicken and I highly recommend it.  The accompanying dipping sauce will fire up your taste buds for more!  I know there are plenty of choices with the current influx of Asian fare on King Street, but give Fire a try…the price is right.